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Friday Afternoon Commute

On Fridays I often finish work at 1pm.  Normally I catch the fast train from Farnborough North direct back to Reading but yesterday, wanting to go to the barber's at Earley, I caught the train from Frimley to Ascot in order to connect with the Waterloo to Reading stopping train.

As we approached Ascot, I got up as usual and stood by the door to get a better view of the woodland on the inside of the curve into platform 3 and was rewarded by the sight of a largish deer hiding in the shade at the back of the wood and a fox curled up in the sun closer to the tracks.

Later on, at the barber's shop I felt too tired to read so I just gazed out of the windows while waiting my turn.  In a gap between two buildings, a red kite appeared, spiraling slowly on a up-draft.  I watched it do three full circles before it drifted off westward and out of my view.

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