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Two Possible Ring-Ditches on the North York Moors


I have recently spent quite a lot of time poring over the North York Moors in the Google Maps satellite images and I have come across a couple of circular structures which look like prehistoric ring-ditch monuments, but which are not marked on the Ordnance Survey maps.  The above one is on Bilsdale East Moor near Fangdale Beck and is about 30 metres in diameter.  Click on the image to see its location on Google Maps.


This one is on Scarth Wood Moor near Ingleby Arncliffe and is about 15 metres in diameter. 

(I should perhaps point out that I have not inspected either of these features from the ground and, also, I have no formal training as an archaeologist.  So make of this what you will.)

Reader Comments (2)

Interesting. The first one may be recent, though. What are the long ridges to the right representing? Is it some sort of country road?
August 23 | Unregistered CommenterAydin
Yes, the first one does look rather too well-defined to be prehistoric. The lines are footpaths and there are some vehicle tracks curving off to the right. These moors are covered in heather and are managed for grouse-shooting (patches of the heather are burnt off regularly). The vehicle that made the tracks was probably a jeep carrying a shooting party. I did check that the gap between the inner and outer rig ditches wasn't the same as the gap between the vehicle tracks!
August 23 | Unregistered CommenterTristram

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