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Early Morning Birds

Today I woke at 6am and left for the train at my normal time of 7am.  In spite of the sky being overcast, it felt strangely light; I had to look at my watch to check that it wasn't really 8am.  Maybe I felt that way because I had just had a particularly good night's sleep.

High over the River Kennet in the town centre, 5 cormorants flew in from the north-east, followed the river for a while and then turned towards the north-west.  Cormorants flying always remind of F-111 fighter-bombers with their wings in the forward position.  It must be something in the shape of the nose and the position of the wings along the fuselage.  They seem less back-heavy than geese and swans.

A bit further along an indian-looking man was creating a tremendous racket by simultaneously feeding the ducks on the river and the pigeons on the bank.  Splashing and quacking, and loud honks from Canada geese flying in to join the fun.  I don't think the inhabitants of  the nearby expensive flats will be too keen on being woken by this early morning feeding frenzy.  Just around the corner, a blackbird was quietly perched on a hawthorn bush, looking as if it was trying to pluck up the courage to go and join the pigeons.

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