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Anglo-Saxon Jewellery in East Cleveland


This summer my daughter Zoe stayed with my father at his home in Cleveland (UK).  One day my father took her to visit a local archaeological dig.  When they got there, a friend of his who was working there as a volunteer, showed them a gold brooch with inlaid precious stones that he had just that moment excavated from the ground.  He was understandably rather excited. 

The dig was the Anglo-Saxon burial ground near Loftus.  This burial ground was discovered by local archaeologist Steve Sherlock from aerial photos.  The excavation, also supervised by Steve, was carried out in some secrecy over the past three summers but has now gone public.  See here, here and here for more details.  There is some speculation that one of the burials might be associated with Ethelburga, wife of King Edwin of Northumbria.

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