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For the past few weeks there has been a continual fall of horse chestnuts from the trees around our flats.  Every few minutes night and day we hear the sound of one crashing through the leaves and then hitting the ground with a thud.  If the wind is up they sometimes hit our flat roof and bounce several times.  Occasionally there is a metallic clunk as one hits a car in the grounds of the flats that were built on the neighbouring field; I find this particularly satisfying. 


During daylight a flock of between 4 and 10 wood pigeons browses on the lawn out the front and I have several times seen falling conkers landing close to them. The pigeons just look round and carry on pecking at the ground.  It wouldn't surprise me to find a concussed pigeon down there some day.


Some of the chestnuts are cleared away by squirrels but by far the most are taken away by humans who seem to be fascinated by them, children especially, but not exclusively: I have seen otherwise quite respectable adults stop and gather them up.

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Now you know why we sent those squirrels over to England!
October 3 | Unregistered CommenterAydin

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