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Injured Carrion Crow

I came across an injured carrion crow (Corvus corone) yesterday as I was walking through the woods between Farnborough and Frimley.  It was sitting on the path, trembling a little, and there was a little blood just above its beak.  Its feathers looked rather tatty, quite unlike the glossy black plumage that is normal for carrion crows.  I suppose it might have been hit by a car on the nearby Blackwater Valley Relief Road, or else it had flown into the power lines that cross the path just a bit further on.  I picked it up and moved it under some bushes, so that it wouldn't be bothered by cyclists or dogs on the path. It didn't struggle at all. 

This morning when I walked past the same spot, I looked under the bushes and it was gone.  There wasn't even a single black feather left, so I presume that it must have recovered and flown away.

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