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One Surviving Egypian Goose Chick

It wasn't until Sunday afternoon that Zoe and I managed to get back up the University lakes.  Straight away we saw that the older pair had only one remaining chick.  Here is a picture of it with its father.


It looked like several people had been feeding it during the day, so it wasn't really interested in the bread that Zoe offered, so we walked on round the lake.  The other pair had none of their chicks left, probably because the male had injured its leg and was consequently unable to help protect them.  We were told that magpies had been seen attacking them.

While we walked back we twice saw a kingfisher, first it was perched on a low branch over the edge of the lake, second speeding low over the water close to the bank.  It could have been the same bird both times, but I suspect that there is more than one kingfisher on these lakes.

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