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Pied Wagtails

This afternoon at 1pm, as I was walking along Station Road from Reading station towards the town centre, I saw a pair of pied wagtails (Motacilla alba yarellii) fly down onto the path in front of me. They then flew up a metre or two and then came down again onto the road.  Fortunately there were no vehicles around.  As it was lunch time, there were lots of people hurrying along the path but the wagtails seemed more interested in each other.  One of the pair was a classic pure black-and-white pied wagtail while the other had a distinctly greyish back.  Maybe the latter was actually a white wagtail (Motacilla alba alba)?

In the past few years I have most often seen pied wagtails on summer mornings in the Frimley Waitrose car park and on its approach road, Hale Way.  Back in the late 1990's I also used to regularly see some at Ascot station as I waited on platform 3 for my connection to Frimley.

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