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Tachinid Fly

What I think is a male Blepharipa schineri (Diptera: Tachinidae).  Identified using Chris Raper's and Matt Smith's revision 5c of Belshaw's 1993 Key which was distributed for their Tachinid Workshop in February 2014.  I include a few more photos as evidence for this identification.

Details of the face:

The hind tibia has a Sturmia bella-like comb of anterodorsal bristles:

The middle tibia has 3 anterodorsal bristles (Sturmia bella has only 1 or 2):

Tergites 1+2, 3 have no median marginal bristles (in Blepharipa pratensis they do):

Specimen taken in Whiteknights Park, Reading, UK, on 2014-05-09.

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