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Learning CodeIgniter

I have just come across this series of videos on CodeIgniter by Shawn McCool:

Having worked my way through the first three, I can say that they are better organised and better presented than the more extensive CodeIgniter from Scratch series by Jeffrey Way and Burak Guzel.  In addition, McCool seems a more experienced developer and provides a lot of background details and explanations that Way & Guzel just skate over.  McCool's videos seem altogether more 'professional'.

If you are looking to learn CodeIgniter I would recommend that you use both McCool's and Way & Guzel's videos, along with the online Codeigniter User Guide, which is excellent.  I would suggest that you avoid the currently available books, which seem to be superficial and riddled with errors.  At least, be sure to read the reviews on Amazon.com before you spend money on any of them.

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