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Red Fly with a Yellow Face

A Conopid fly, probably Sicus ferrugineus.  These flies lay their eggs on bumble bees.  Myopa buccata looks similar but has a much longer face (see here, here and here for details).

Photos taken in Reading University grounds, Reading, UK, on 2009-06-11.

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Dear Tristram
I came across your blog today whilst looking for entries on Ravenser (our web page has an article by my husband Pete and I wanted to see if Google was picking it up). Wow what wonderful photos of insects you have. I am going to make a point of looking regularly. Pete runs a moth trap here at Kilnsea near Spurn Point and is also interested in insects.
June 16 | Unregistered CommenterJan Crowther
Thanks. I did visit Spurn Point myself back in the early 1970's. My dad took me on his motorbike. I'll have a look at your web-site (http://www.wilgilsland.co.uk/) when I have the time.

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