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Feeding the Cookie Monster

A wistful post from 2002 by Michael Nygard::
I think I'd like to do some Smalltalk (or Squeak) development sometime.  Just for myself.  It would be good for me -- like an artist going to a retreat and setting aside all notions of practicality.  I know I'll never work in Squeak professionally.  That's why it would be like saying to yourself, "In this now, purity of expression is all that matters.  Tomorrow, I will worry about making something I can sell.  Tomorrow I will design so the mediocre masses that follow me cannot corrupt it.  Today, I will work for the joy I find in the work."
The burdens of responsibility leave no room for such indulgence.  So I turn back to Java and C#.  I'll write another Address class and deal with another session manager, and more cookies.  Always with the cookies.

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