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Surgery Blogging

Among the best blogging over the past couple of months has been Mark Hoofnagle's account of his first few weeks of surgery as a medical student in a US hospital.  It has given me a fascinating glimpse into a world I knew nothing about (no, I do not watch hospital dramas on TV).  The various posts are: Surgery, My feet hurt, A week of surgery - some impressions, Wounds!, Surgeons have cool tools, A month into surgery - back to the books, and Trauma.  Mark ends his latest post thus:

I'd also like to take this opportunity to ask a couple of favors.

One, I'd very much like people to stop shooting one another. It's really terrible what bullets do to a body.

Two, it also might help if you all could wear helmets. If I thought you could avoid hitting your head that would be one thing, but the least you can do is take some precautions. Wear them a lot - riding bikes, motorcycles, skiing, etc. In fact, just wear them all the time. Sitting at your desk? Wear a helmet. Walking in the park? Wear a helmet. We're going to start a new style right here and now. We'll call it the "I'm either about to get on a bike or am prone to seizures" look.

It would make me feel better. Really.

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