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Manage Your Electronic Environment

Via taw's blog, a couple of electronic devices to help you manage your electronic environment:

wavebubble.jpgWave Bubble - a mobile phone jammer.  Could be useful for those of us who like to sleep on trains.  Unfortunately this is just a design; you have to build it yourself (and apparently it is not easy).  Limor Fried, the designer, states: "This design is not for sale or available as a kit and never will be due to FCC regulations".  This is obviously why it is small enough hide in a cigarette box.

tv-b-gone.jpgTV-B-Gone - A universal remote control TV off switch.   The homepage includes a video showing it being used to switch off a TV in a shop window.  This device does seem to be available commercially here (disguised as a key-fob).

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I could use one of the phone jammers.
January 8 | Unregistered CommenterAydin

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