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Train Journey

I travelled back from Guisborough on Thursday.  Caught GNER from Darlington to London Kings Cross, round the Underground to Paddington, then GWR to Reading. 

On the way down we passed through Grantham and, as usual, I looked out for the Isaac Newton Shopping Centre.  The thought of the great man standing in a checkout queue at Sainsbury's always makes me smile.   I wonder if that other famous person from Grantham, Margaret Thatcher, has a more appropriate building named after her?  Maybe an abbatoir

The journey went smoothly: an 8 minute delay at Doncaster was converted to 1 minute early at Kings Cross.  We lost about 15 minutes coming out of London but by then we were on the home stetch and I wasn't bothered.  At Darlington I had bought a copy of Spitfire: The Biography by Jonathan Glancey and was three quarters of the way through it before we pulled into Reading.  I will finish it on my next few journeys to and from work.

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