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School Science -1 BBC Science - 0

Over at Bad Science, Ben Goldacre has done a wonderfully efficient demolition job of the recent BBC Panorama program on Wi-Fi.  From it comes this revelation:

Three weeks ago I received my favourite email of all time, from a science teacher. “I’ve just had to ask a BBC Panorama film crew not to film in my school or in my class because of the bad science they were trying to carry out,” it began, describing in perfect detail the Panorama which aired this week.

The Panorama crew were booted out of a school for their shoddy science!  Read the rest of the post for details.  Maybe the BBC should take on a few secondary school science teachers as consultants?

However, the root of the problem appears to be that journalists are not so much concerned with getting at the truth as with producing stories, and this should be borne in mind when assessing their output (and when deciding to renew your TV license).

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