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Installing Blender on a Multi-user Windows XP Computer

I have recently been using the open source 3D-modelling tool Blender at work and I thought it would be nice to have a copy to play with on my home computer.  However, when I installed it there, many of the options were missing from the menus. 

I had installed the program from an administrator account but was using it from a limited account.  When installing it, I had selected the option to put the Blender data in the Application Data directory thinking that this meant that each user would get copy of the Blender data in their own application data directory.  Not so!  Only the administrator's Blender data was being set up during installation.  

I was able to fix this by logging back in as administrator and manually copying the Blender data directories from the administrator's application data area into the application data area of each user who was going to use the program.

The reason that this problem did not arise at work was because the account I was using for day-to-day work was an administrator one.  Oops! 

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