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The Amazing Idea to Re-Name Reading

Round at the local shop this morning I noticed the above headline in the Reading Chronicle. This set me thinking.  Here are a few suggestions:

  1. New Reading
  2. Coppellgrad
  3. West Sonning
  4. Greater Tilehurst
  5. Krakow-on-Thames

Number 2 would probably have been the favorite had Reading FC managed to come back from 3 goals down against Manchester United on Tuesday evening ("Coppell" is the surname of the Reading FC manager).  Sonning is a small picturesque village a few miles down-river, the residents of which appear all to be millionaires.  Tilehurst is a suburb of Reading.  The last one is in recognition of the large number of Polish workers in the town, so many in fact that the Reading Chronicle actually prints a Polish language edition. 

More details of the renaming plan can be found at the Reading Chronicle Blog.

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