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Experiences with News Aggregators

In an attempt to reduce the amount of time I waste scanning my favourite blogs, I have been playing around with some news aggregators.  I am afraid my experiences are not good:

  • Akregator running on Ubuntu 6.06  frequently crashes with a segmentation fault.
  • Sage, a Firefox extension, does not remember which posts you have read.
  •  Thunderbird seems to be more mature but I an unable find how to get it to use Firefox rather than Internet Explorer as its default browser.
Note added 2007-01-28:  I have just come across Google Reader which looks very promising.

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Try http://newshutch.com/ too. It is a Web based reader, like Google Reader, and Bloglines. Newshutch's user interface is very well done, and your news flow will take just half the time it used to!

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