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Missed Photo Opportunities

Travelling home from work today, on three occasions I saw things that would have made good photos. 

As the train was pulling into Ascot Station I saw a deer.  This was one of the deer that frequent the woodland on the inside of the curve of the Guildford line just outside the station.  It was a larger one, presumably an adult. Last Friday I saw two small ones together.

Then, while we were stopped a Bracknell station, two teenage boys, carrier bags in hand as if they had just been shopping, climbed over the wall and got onto the train.  It was obvious by the way they kept looking along the platform, and by the fact they went straight to the first class compartment at the front of the train (a dead give-away), that they were avoiding paying their fares.  And then, immediately after that, two different teenage boys with mountain bikes got off the train and proceeded to climb over the same part of the wall with their bikes.  Obviously fare-dodging is a big thing in Bracknell.

Later, back in Reading, I was walking past the London Road car park of the Royal Berks Hospital when two young women suddenly started jumping around, punching the air and whooping.  Between them,  they had just managed to jump-start a car.  The celebrations seemed to be part relief and part triumph that they had managed to do it without the help of any men!.  Their obvious happiness quite made my day.

Maybe I should carry my camera rather than my laptop with me when I go to and from work? 

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