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Reading University Panorama

This afternoon (during the England - Paraguay football match) I went up the university grounds and took 17 images of the above panorama using a tripod.  I used the built-in spirit-levels to level the tripod but, even then, I had to correct the final image for a 1-degree tilt.  I made all the images overlap their neighbours by about 30% which allowed me to avoid  mismatches due to distortions near the edges of images.  Also, I took the light readings for each of the images off the same part of the house in the centre.  I used GIMP 2 to edit and combine the images.  I was so pleased with the result that I uploaded it to my Flickr site, however I was disappointed to discover that, because I have only a free account, the image was reduced to 1024x138 pixels. So I have put a copy of the full-sized image here.

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