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From Today The Keyboard Is Dead


In this Google Tech Talk,  David J.C. MacKay of Cambridge University presents Dasher, a piece of software that appears to make the computer keyboard obsolete.   It is like a computer game in which you use the mouse to run through a fractal pattern of squares holding the letters that you want to enter.  The sizes of the squares are relative to the frequency of the letters given the last few characters entered.  Keypresses and mouse clicks are kept to an absolute minimum.   The idea seems to have everything going for it: it requires no new hardware, it has a several obvious applications (MacKay mentions people with disabilities, hand-held computing, mobile phones, and Chinese and Japanese text entry), and the software is free (GPL) and available for Windows, Linux and Macs.  Unfortunately the project website appears to be down at the moment.  I will go over to my Ubuntu system and see if there is a version available under Synaptic that I can install and play with.

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